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2/22/20 Geneva Green Market

I'll be selling both art and baked goods!


First Congregational Church of Geneva

327 Hamilton Street

Geneva, IL   60134

 A Winter Farmer's Market


The Geneva Green Market is a not-for-profit, indoor winter Farmers' Market that promotes local, organic and sustainable products from local artisan farmers and producers who provide freshness, biodiversity, sustainability and the highest quality foods.  We are also a place for consumers to learn the uses and benefits of quality, locally grown or prepared food products.  Because the tri-city area has a great variety of summer markets available, we operate only during the fall, winter and early spring months to ensure that consumers are able to access local, sustainable foods throughout the year, not just during the summer.  Our main focus is on providing the community access to a wide variety of healthy foods, so that everyone feels empowered to take back control over the food they eat and how it's grown, produced and transported.​

2/29/20 Cabin Fever Market

I'll be selling both art and baked goods!


Local Produce . Artisan Breads . Pottery. HBee Art. Jewelry. Micro Greens. LOCAL Honey. Woodworking. Noble Bakery. Market Bouquets . MightyVine Tomatoes. Oasis Mexican Food.

*Storewide SALE*

This event is held {Inside} The Cypress House located in a quint residential neighborhood in Rochelle.
718 10th Avenue, Rochelle IL
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