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You can purchase prints and more of my art on my etsy shop! Click the etsy icon to get to my shop. 


I have a select number of originals for sale. Look below for what is available. If you are interested in purchasing an original or commissioning a personal piece, send me a message. Indicate which piece you are interested in or describe your commission idea. *listed prices do not include shipping. Shipping will vary depending on weight and destination*

Framed prints! Click on the image for the price. Price doesn't include shipping. Send me a message if you are interested in any of them. 

two mandalas attracted like magnets. Magnet mandals. mandalas made of

Attraction: $1,065.00

- Pinecones, milkweed silks, fountain grass, pyrite, sumac berries, penny cress seeds, 


-Comes with a custom built shadow box frame with UV protected glass

This piece is about attraction between 2 bodies. It features 2 mandalas that are being pulled together by a magnetic field. 


Man's Best Friend: $594.00

-Fountain grass, milkweed silks, gravel, clear quartz, penny cress seeds, paint, plywood


-comes with a custom uv protected shadow box frame

Mother's Love: $865.00

- Fountain grass, milkweed silks, penny cress seeds, pebbles, pinecone, black beans, plywood

-16x20 inches

-comes with a custom built uv protected frame. 

fox art

Mini Mandala 1: $225.00

- ~8x8 inches

- fountain grass, pyrite, penny cress seeds, plywood

- comes with a custom UV protected frame

Mini Mandala 2: $225.00

- ~8x8 inches

- fountain grass, milkweed seeds, cinquefoil seeds, penny cress seeds, plywood

- comes with a custom UV protected frame